Zoom R20

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An intuitive, all-in-one tabletop solution for recording, editing, and mixing music, the Zoom R20 Portable Multitrack Recorder merges a DAW-inspired touchscreen interface, color-coded tactile controls, and up to 16 total tracks so that solo artists and full bands alike can produce songs and let their creativity flow without relying on a computer. If a DAW-based workflow is needed, the R20 can serve as an 8x4 USB audio interface for virtually any audio production software.
The R20 is part recording console, part virtual instrument, and part effects unit; it comes loaded with eight preamps, channel strips, drum loops, synth sounds, and digital processing such as compression, EQ, gating, and more. Multiple mics, an electric guitar, headphones, speakers, and even a MIDI keyboard can be hooked up to the R20, making it a capable centerpiece for any home studio or mobile production rig.
  • Standalone Recorder or 8x4 USB Interface
  • Record up to 16 Tracks (8 at Once)
  • 8 XLR Mic Preamps, 1 with Hi-Z
  • 4.3" Color Touchscreen Interface
  • Color-Coded Faders, Gain Knobs & Tracks
  • Onboard Editing and Effects
  • Built-In Drum Loops and Synth Sounds
  • Records to SDHC or SDXC Cards up to 1TB
  • MIDI Keyboard & MIDI File Import Support
  • 1/4" Headphone and Main Outputs
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  • Zoom R20
  • ZAD-1220 AC Adapter
A/D resolution 44.1 kHz / 24-Bit
Analog Inputs 8
Analog Outputs 3
Records Simultaneous Tracks 8
Plays Simultaneous Tracks 16
Memory (Removable) 1 x SDXC
Limiter Yes
Compressor Yes
Effects Distortion, Auto-Wah, Chorus Chorus+Reverb ADT Delay Reverb
Power Supply AC/DC Power Adapter
Ulkomitat 37.8 x 20.6 x 5.8 cm
Paino 1.3 kg

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