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Shure Nexadyne 8/C

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Specifically engineered to provide live stage performers with a clear, detailed vocal sound that rivals studio mics, the black Nexadyne 8/C from Shure is a cardioid dynamic vocal microphone, featuring an innovative Revonic dual-transducer design that uses two separate, but interdependent sets of diaphragms, voice coils, and magnets. This unique technology gives this dynamic mic condenser-like clarity with a crisp, yet natural high-end and plenty of detail—allowing vocalists to worry less about mic technique and instead focus on delivering powerful performances.

The cardioid polar pattern provides focused yet forgiving audio capture centered on the performer in front of the mic, reducing bleed from other sources and on-stage monitors for clearer sound. The microphone features a die-cast aluminum chassis, while the element is protected by a dent-resistant grille, ensuring it survives the rigors of daily stage use. The Nexadyne 8/C features a standard XLR connector and requires no power for operation. A mic clip, brass thread adapter, and a zippered case are supplied.


Revonic Dual-Engine Transducer Technology

  • Shure's Revonic system is an innovative dynamic microphone design that uses two matched dynamic transducers, working in conjunction, to provide more opportunity for both greater sound quality and the rejection of unwanted signal.
  • Wiring the transducers out-of-phase cancels mechanical vibration, so self-noise is actively zeroed out. This makes traditional pneumatic shockmounts unnecessary, and allows the transducers to be optimized for acoustic performance.
  • Vocal performers will experience natural and vivid clarity when performing—enabled by a cartridge design that optimizes signal output acoustically, producing more of the desired sound source and less environmental and handling noise.
  • Engineers will receive stronger and clearer output, resulting in fewer EQ corrections that are often necessary with other mics to retain vocal clarity within the mix.
  • Dynamic Mic for Live Vocal Performers
  • Shure Revonic Dual-Engine Transducer
  • Clean and Natural Cardioid Pattern
  • Condenser-Like High-End Response
  • Authentic Vocal Delivery with Minimal EQ
  • Radically Reduced Handling Noise
  • Excellent On- and Off-Axis Separation
  • Durable Build with Dent-Resistant Grille
  • XLR Connector, No Power Required
  • Includes Mic Clip, Adapter, and Pouch
Mitä laatikossa on?
  • Shure Nexadyne 8/C Cardioid Revonic Handheld Vocal Microphone (Black)
  • Mic Clip
  • Threaded Adapter
  • Zipper Pouch
Microphone Type Dynamic
Mono/Stereo 2 Mono
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Taajuusvaste 50 - 20 000 kH
Impedanssi 300 Ω
Äänenpaineen -54 dBV/Pa
Connector XLR
Paino 258 g
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