Ortofon VNL (Premounted on SH-4 Headshell)

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The VNL on SH-4 Black consists of an Ortofon VNL cartridge and a black Ortofon SH-4 headshell. The VNL system is pre-mounted on the headshell for direct and easy installation and quick replacement. The VNL system is ideal for beginners and professionals who want to work with a robust pickup system.
The Ortofon VNL needle has a spherical needle grind that reduces scratches and wear, and a solid construction that can easily withstand hectic performances on the turntable and won't pop right out of the record groove! Regardless of the application, the VNL - system offers remarkable versatility for almost any application with a good sound quality.The Ortofon SH-4 headshell has an ergonomic design with a long handle that is easy to grip. Thanks to the large finger grip and the shorter design, the movement and placement of the headshell is easy and visible. Furthermore, the SH-4 headshell has gold-plated wire terminals to ensure a cleaner signal pickup.
  • Specially designed for Scratch DJ's
  • High tracking performance - good for real vinyl or DVS
  • Optimal sound quality
  • SH-4 headshell included
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  • Ortofon VNL (Premounted on SH-4 Headshell)
Taajuusvaste 20 - 20 000 Hz
Tyyppi Spherical
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