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Nektar Widiflex

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Designed as an ideal way to untangle all those messy MIDI cables in your live or home studio setup, the WIDIFLEX Wireless Bluetooth MIDI Adapter from Nektar lets you minimize cable clutter while enhancing your ability to control and organize your MIDI devices.
The WIDIFLEX interconnects regular MIDI gear, such as synthesizers, drum machines, keyboard controllers, and even computers over Bluetooth, with the ability to create groups, direct instrument-to-instrument connections, or fixed pairs. With ultralow latency, a huge range of 65', and sophisticated automatic-pairing technology, the Nektar WIDIFLEX is a great solution for unraveling your complicated MIDI setups.
  • Converts 5-Pin MIDI In/Out to Bluetooth
  • High-Speed, Long-Range Bluetooth 5
  • Ultralow Latency for Live Performances
  • Easy Setup via Automatic Pairing
  • Transmit All MIDI Messages via Bluetooth
  • Separated In/Out Connector Design
  • Powered via MIDI
  • Create WIDI Groups and Fixed Pairs
  • Manage Setups with CME WIDI App
  • Compatible with iOS, macOS, and Android
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