ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe

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The HYDRASYNTH DELUXE is the flagship Hydrasynth, offering a dual sound engine setup and the largest ASM PolyTouch® polyphonic aftertouch keybed to date. The user interface is designed with the utmost attention to detail and offers a rapid workflow.
Each of the two sound engines features 3 Oscillators, dual Wave Mutators and 2 filters, that can be configured in series or parallel. Both of the sound engines has its own separate balanced analog audio outputs. The tone generating capabilities are simply unmatched.

As for the performance capabilities, The HYDRASYNTH DELUXE has our proprietary 73-note Polytouch™ keybed that offers polyphonic aftertouch over each note, giving you the type of expressive control found only in certain vintage synths.

Add to this a 4 octave ribbon controller and ergonomically designed pitch and mod wheels and you have expression and control that is not equaled in any other hardware synthesizer on the market… Today or ever.
  • Dual Sound Engine (Split/Layered)
  • 73-Note Polytouch Keyboard
  • 3 Oscillators per Voice with Wave Morph
  • Dual Mutators per Oscillator
  • Noise Source and Ring Modulation
  • Two Multimode Filters, Series/Parallel
  • 5 LFOs and 5 Looping Envelope Generators
  • 32-Slot Mod Matrix and Arpeggiator
  • Pre- & Post Multi-FX + Reverb and Delay
  • CV/Gate Inputs and Outputs
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  • ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe
Department Synthesizers
Tyyppi Digital
Polyphony Polyphonic
Toiminnot Arpeggiator, CV/gate, Oscillator
Ulkomitat 113.1 x 35.9 x 11.9 cm
Paino 13.5 kg
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