Warm Audio WA-2A

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The WA-2A from Warm Audio recreates a classic optical tube compressor originally released in the late 1950's, a unit that is as desirable as ever, due to its ability to deliver smooth, "warm" compression for vocals and bass, among other instruments. True to the original design, the unit uses the classic four-tube design, with dual transformers and the optical photo-cell. The later item is responsible for the slow, gentle, and versatile multi-stage release time that has graced many a hit record. Additionally, the compressor features a completely discrete signal path and through-hole component topology.
  • 4 Tube Design
  • Dual Cinemag Transformers
  • Kenetek Opto-Cell
  • Discrete Signal Path

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  • Warm Audio WA-2A - Tube Optical Compressor
  • External Power Supply
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