Arturia FX Collection

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The result of decades of dedicated research, analysis, and modelling, these 15 superb effects will totally transform the way you record and mix your music. Combining history’s finest outboard effects, console components, and pedals with fresh, contemporary features and abilities, FX Collection is an essential tool for the modern producer.
Three reverbs are included in the collection:
  • Rev PLATE-140, a reverb based on EMT’s titanic plate reverb, ideal for vocal performances.
  • Rev SPRiNG-636, featuring a “vibrant spring and crunchy germanium preamp”, Arturia says.
  • Rev INTENSITYis an algorithmic reverb with endless modulation possibilities.
Three delay units offer classic sounds and a modern twist:
  • Delay TAPE-201 is a tape saturated analogue echo, offering organic time-based effects
  • Delay MEMORY BRIGADE is based on a classic BBD (bucket-brigade device), providing a lo-fi tone.
  • Delay ETERNITY is an Arturia original delay that provides
Three preamps offer the input-stage sound of some of the world’s best consoles and studio outboard gear.
  • Pre 1973 offers the vintage sound of the British Neve 1073, an iconic preamp.
  • Pre TridA is based on one of the rarest and exclusive preamps from Trident Studio’s A Range console.
  • Pre V76 models the classic Telefunken tube, a sound that defined 60s pop music.
Three compressors are bundled in to offer dynamic control and vintage tones.
  • Comp VCA-65 is Arturia’s reimagination of DBX’s classic 1658, ideal for rhythm section compression.
  • Comp FET-76 is based on the most iconic studio compressor of all time, the UREI 1176, famed for its fast attack and versatility
  • Comp TUBE-STA is a recreation of the tube-powered Gates STA-Level broadcast compressor, a secret weapon for bass and vocals.
Finally, three synth filters let you shape your sound with vast tonal control.
  • Filter MINI is a plug-in recreation of the classic Moog low-pass ladder filter, modernised for today’s producer.
  • Filter M12 is based on the legendary Oberheim Matrix-12 filter, reworked for extra creativity in your DAW.
  • Filter SEM brings Tom Oberheim’s classic filter to the digital realm as a cutting edge plug-in.