Warm Audio WA-412

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The Warm Audio WA-412 4-Channel Pre Amp/DI is a premium-quality microphone preamp/DI featuring a full-discrete design with built-in Phantom Power. Providing 4 channels of vintage American console preamps, the Warm Audio WA-412 produces a thick punchy low end with a smooth, top end with added sheen. The fully discrete socketed 5-pin op-amps and custom wound Altran USA transformers delivering the exceptional sound and performance the WA-412 delivers. The integrated Hi-Z instrument input allows you to connect a range of instruments including electric guitars for added versatility.

Classic American Console Preamps
The WA-412 features 4 channels of classic, vintage-sounding American console preamps. The preamps produce a warm yet articulate tone with depth in the low end and added sheen in the top end. The rear-panel XLR connections makes the Warm Audio WA-412 ideal for a range of recording applications. From recording studio-grade vocal performances to capturing dynamic and thunderous drums, the WA-412 is designed to be highly versatile. Also featured is a Hi-Z instrument input for connecting a range of instruments such as electric guitars and more. This allows you to capture that vintage warmth while recording guitar riffs. The custom-wound, premium Altran USA input and out transformers feature on every channel for optimal signal transference and audio fidelity.

Premium-Quality Components
The WA-412 includes a wide variety of premium-quality components that help to deliver the vintage yet dominant sound, the preamp/DI produces. Each channel features a X520 discrete op-amp on every channel, which socketed for added convenience, can also be user-replaced with 6-pin, discrete op-amps for a varied range of tones. The discrete opamp circuitry delivers high headroom and low distortion for enhanced audio quality. The Altran transformers help to extend the low frequency response for added punch in the lower frequency band. The transformers themselves utilise a vintage winding technique which helps to produce the unique smooth character.

Design & Layout
The ergonomic and intuitive layout presents you with all your major controls on the front panel of the WA-412. The front-panel features an LED meter on each channel for precise visual feedback over your input sources. A ‘TONE’ button is also included which allows you to switch the input impedance from 600 ohms to 150 ohms, which in-turn affects the overall tone of both the microphone and Hi-Z inputs. A -20dB pad features on both the microphone and instrument inputs, allowing you to cater to loud sound sources for added versatility. There is also an output trim knob which allows you to precisely control and sculpt the tone while retaining the sound and natural harmonics.

  • 4 Channel Microphone Preamplifier + Instrument DI
  • Fully discrete, transformer coupled, through-hole component topology
  • Altran USA custom wound, premium input and output transformers
  • X520 discrete op-amp in every channel, socketed for convenience. Can be user-replaced with most 6 pin, discrete op-amps for varying flavor & tone
  • 65db of gain
  • Tone button - Input impedance switches from 600 ohms to 150 ohms (affects the tone of both the mic and HI-Z inputs
  • -20dB pad
  • +48V Phantom Power
  • LED metering on each channel
  • Output trim knob for precise level control and sculpting
  • Internal power supply (grounded, 3 pin IEC cord)

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