Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural

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If you go to a concert or festival you particularly want to enjoy the music. But you don’t want to incur hearing damage or a permanent ringing in your ears.
Especially for music lovers, there are now the Alpine Party Plug Pro Natural earplugs. These earplugs have special rectilinear AlpineAcousticFilters.  This means that the music is attenuated equally at all frequencies.
  • Protects your hearing up to 29 dB
  • Rectilinear filters retain music quality
  • Perfect fit thanks to thermoshape material
  • No more annoying ringing in your ears after the concert or party Conversations remain perfectly audible
  • Optimum fit due to the soft AlpineThermoShape material
  • Barely visible in the ear
  • With free pouch, handy cord and Alpine Clean cleaning spray (5 ml)
  • Reusable
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